Map of Fernie Rivers
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The Elk River - water flow levels
City of Fernie to Fernie Alpine Resort

Class: I to II

The first river run for all Fernie paddlers, this scenic run is perfect for beginners and spring training.

Upper Upper Canyon, from the dam to 40+ foot falls

Class: V to VI+

A short, very intense big volume run through a narrow canyon. Expect several drops V and V+ leading to the falls. You need a lot of hair boating experience and big balls before challenging this run.

Upper Canyon, falls to lower put in

Class: IV+ to V

A continuation from the above run through IV+ - V rapids in a very deep gorge with outstanding play features and lots of excitement.

Lower Canyon

Class: II+ to III+ depending on flow

After surviving the Class V put-in relax and enjoy the outstanding scenery and wildlife. Expect big waves and lots of play. Following the confluence of the Wigwam river you enter the short but intense Philips Canyon. Shortly after there is landslide on river left that forms a dangerous hole at higher levels. Get out and scout from the left.

The Wigwam

Lodgepole Creek to Elk River

Class: III+ to IV at low flow, III+ to V at high flow

This medium volume river features not only a very scenic valley, but also some excellent technical white water and awesome play.

The Bull River - water flow levels
Van Creek to the Bridge

Class: II to II+

This s great run for beginners or a warm up for the lower canyon. Expect fast water and some nice play features.

Lower Canyon, below the bridge

Class: III to IV depending on flow

A medium to large volume river with lots of opportunity to play and surf. Near the end you'll find a small, tight canyon leading to the final drop, called the Toilet Bowl.